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Torche – Meanderthal

Atlanta / Miami 4-piece, Torche released a new album called Meanderthal yesterday. Gchatting with Thomas a little bit ago, I used the description “Melodic, stoner prog.” I feel that’s pretty accurate, but I would also add the words “anthem” and “rumbling” in there somewhere if I could. I’m still on some PR email lists from the magazine days and one piece of press I received used the phrase “bomb-string stoner pop/thunder rock/doom pop classic,” which reads more like search engine optimization than music PR, but it’s also all accurate. If you fancy yourself the kind of person who is into stuff that rules, you should check out Meanderthal.

You can stream all of Meanderthal here. Their MySpace is here (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Torche is playing at Lenny’s on Monday, May 26th with Stinking Lizaveta and The Sword (which is a superb band name).