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Three-day dance

My new iBook sat at a FedEx facility in Shanghai, China from August 12th until August 15th. when I checked last night at 9:30pm, it still said “At FedEx sort facility, Shanghai, CN.” This morning, I checked at 9:15am and it said, “Delivery exception: Customer not available or business closed. Smyrna, GA.” WELL, THAT WAS FAST. In one night, it went from Shanghai to Anchorage to Indianapolis to Hapeville to Marietta to my house in Smyrna. Not too shabby considering the shipping was free. Since the delivery requires a signature, though, now begins the three-day dance between FedEx and me where they insist on coming to my house while I’m not there.

I finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay last night. The only reason I mention it is that, at 650 pages, it is easily the longest book I’ve ever completed, and the fact that I did it in a mere 2.5 months is nothing short of amazing. I was sure it would take me until Thanksgiving. I am an infuriatingly slow reader and I tend to avoid books because of it. Even though I enjoyed Kavalier & Clay enormously, I think part of me viewed it as a personal challenge. Hearing about 12-year olds finishing the Harry Potter book in one night made me feel like a colossal dumbass, so I buckled down and pushed through it. Yay, me. Actually, while I was reading Kavalier & Clay, I also started and finished Homeland by Sam Lipsyte. Am I becoming the kind of person who could be categorized as [gulp] “a reader?” I hope not. I rather enjoy the plausible deniability of not knowing anything.

  1. What about taking the slip and driving to the FedEx on Franklin? They close late, and since you’re right over there, they might be the ones with your computer.

  2. you should have gone for the power book with the dvd burning ability. then maybe you could date a ballerina.

  3. Fedex tracking is notoriously inaccurate and the apple order status page can be as well. When I ordered my copy of Tiger from Apple (because I bought my mac mini 2 months before Tiger came out so I couldn’t get the free upgrade), Apple told me my order was still being prepared for shipment when the fedex guy knocked on my door with the package.

    There have been other times I ordered stuff from within the states, and the package somehow goes through a time warp where it gets put on the delivery truck to my house before it even gets to the regional sort facility.

    I’d just go to the fedex place and pick up the package, that’s what I always do, but then again my fedex facility is on the way home from work.

  4. You forgot the international date line. China is 1 day “ahead” of us in the US.
    I have ordered stuff from Tiawan and gotten it the same day it shipped.

    Try leaving a note on the door for the FedEx guy. Unless he is a prick, your presious Macinsquash will be on your door, (or backdoor) when you get home.

    Heh, I said “back door” :P

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