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As Maigh and Greg (which rhyme if spoken in redneck) have already pointed out, there is a new content pilferer in our midst, wherein content pilferer is defined as someone who republishes RSS feeds without permission or appropriate credit and represents websites in ways not authorized by said websites’ owners.

That pilferer is (Yes, I realize linking to the site may not be considered “best practices” regarding “web traffic justice,” but whatever), and their misguided representation of yours truly can be seen manifested as a light blue Braves hat to the left. Anyone who has stood close enough to catch a whiff knows that I detest creatively-colored sports stuff. Those every-color-but-navy-blue Yankees hats might be the dumbest things I’ve seen since Catholicism.

It’s kind of hard to tell just what AtlantasNews is all about. It appears to stem from ChronicNews, and all the Chronic sites look like little more than someone flexing their XML / CSS / javascript chops. No discernable original content. An interesting and unusual combination other source’s content. There is a note to content providers. Part of me is relieved that, seeing how many local blogs were included in this netiquitte blood bath, I was one of the ones included. Nothing would have been more embarassing than not getting to join in the outrage because my body of content hadn’t deemed good enough to violate. Ego = placated.

I think a site like AtlantasNews could be a good thing, but as it stands, it’s kind of crappy. It still has my old feed listed, which means they haven’t gotten any new content from me since February 20th, so I’m over it.

UPDATE – I changed my mind and sent a letter …

Hello nameless aggregator admin,

It looks like you’ve had quite a busy day getting batted about the Atlanta blogosphere. I’ll admit, I have mixed feelings about your site. Ultimately I am for anything that brings me increased readership, but your site was built with no input (that I’m aware of) from many of the people whose content now resides here. I don’t think that is your worst violation, mind you, because I am well aware that it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. I’m in sales.

I was prepared to go with the flow and see how things panned out until I saw the comments feature. I tested, and you confirmed, that comments posted to entries written by me are hosted on your site with no notification to me, and are moderated by you. Comments are essentially interactive bits of content that are borne of an original piece of content created by me. That is an aspect of which I would like complete control.

Unless allowing me to have administrative control over discussions had on behalf of content generated by me is possible, I am afraid I have to ask you to please remove the feed from your site.


  1. To be fair, they say the site is an early beta:

    This site is in EARLY BETA and we don’t anticipate it becoming a production website until sometime in October. At that time we will do the usual “Rah Rah here we are” promo/PR/advert. If you find us before then let us know that problems you have. We appreciate it.

    They should have password-protected it and kept it off the Internets at large while they were testing if they were going to use feeds without permission.

  2. Rusty, that note to content providers was written in August, 2005. So either they’ve already gone into production with the smallest PR campaign in the history of ever (read: none), or that’s one helluva beta.

  3. Put rel=”nofollow” on your link to the site, Tony, to stop Google from indexing one more link.

  4. Plus, they left me off their list, so they suck anyway.

    I guess you don’t get to play if you don’t use WordPress, Movable Type, or Blogger.

    Balls in their mouth.

  5. Okay I went ahead and expunged your content. If you want to add your feed you are welcome to do so yourself. I saw your post regarding this and don’t want to seem like we’re trying to do anything untoward. If you want you just add your feed just create an account and check the box that says “subscribe” to posts to this thread or words to that effect. This will in essence send you an email with the contents of any comments posted to your blog’s feed. There are links in the email that make the administration easy. Sorry for the problem.. best to you and the other atbloggers.

    I’m sorry for the miscues. The reason the August 2005 is becasue the first site that went up was then. Atlantasnews was not around then but some copy and pasting ..whatever.

    To the guy who was left off the list please be assured we will gladly put you on it but right now it might not look cool for you in the atbloggers group. Just feel free to come back and add your feed anytime. I’ll approve it.. heh..

  6. Why should I care about news in Atlantis? And the Braves are tools – no matter what color they’s wearin’.

  7. I don’t know any guy who was left off the list. There was a girl, though, and that girl was me.

    I guess bloggers are assumed male until proven female.

  8. Clearly, this was just all a big misunderstanding where someone runs an aggregation service, puts your stuff on it, and then doens’t tell you about it until you call them on it on the intarweb.


  9. Nikki; I emailed you and Tony…

    I still don’t know whether I want to write a letter or not. Maybe I will.

  10. Joseph,

    Maybe they were just having problems w/ your RSS feed, like everyone else.

  11. Amber: the feed seems to be working everywhere except for bloglines (including other RSS feed readers), so I’m not 100% sure that the problem is on my end. I’ve put in a ticket to bloglines to see if they can suggest anything to do about it, but I’m doubtful.

  12. I just got your feed this morning with 10 posts… so maybe everything is good to go now.

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