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GOOD THING ILLINOIS AND HAWAII GOT TO PLAY IN BCS GAMES!! THAT’S AWESOME, GUYS!! Obnoxiousness aside, it would be super sweet if there was some sort of accountability at the BCS when matchups result the way the Rose and Sugar Bowls did. Like, as I type this, several people at the BCS building should be sitting in the boss’s office getting their asses chewed. Better yet, it should just go without saying that those responsible for the selections should simply clean out their desks when games result like those yesterday. “Look, Johnson, I am a huge supporter of innovation and thinking outside the box, but MAN did you blow it on the Rose Bowl. And Hawaii? What? The thing to remember when thinking outside the box is that the box exists for a reason. Anyway, let me know if you need a reference or anything.”

For New Year’s, Gia and I ate at M&T with our pals Mark and Dana. Then we retired to the house where, after the ball dropped, Gia and Dana promptly fell asleep while Mark and I stayed up until almost 5AM playing Trivial Pursuit.

Yesterday, I gave SeƱor Chainsaw his first real workout on the oak pile. That saw is a champ. The chronology:

From this:

To this:

To this:

After getting everything cut to appropriate length, I split wood for about an hour before realizing, “Hey, I was up until 5AM last night. I am suddenly concerned I might miss one of these logs with the maul and chop my own leg off. I bet the couch feels good to sit on.”

And now I’m back at work. Which is totally awesome. Seriously.

  1. I feel cheated by those bowls. The Rose Bowl is doing a good job of lobbying for a playoff at least with the match-up it crapped out.

  2. No one beats a Stihl – no one. Ever. In the prodigious history of chainsaws which, if I’m not mistaken, were invented right after the crossbow. The Scots used them to cut through Hadrian’s Wall.

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