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Taste Beer

I have another round of beer tastings tentatively scheduled at Muss & Turners starting at the end of February. This is what is currently in the lineup:

2/28: What is the deal with malt?
3/6: What is the deal with hops?
3/13: The Civil War: North vs. South (Alternate title – The South: To rise again, or be bitch-slapped … again?)

You must make reservations. Email here or call 770-434-1114. $15 each. Lasts from 6:30ish until 8:00ish. Limited to 20 slots (the last three sold out). If you stay for dinner after the tasting, you get a 10% discount.

I expect to see both of you there.

  1. Allow me to put in a plug for these. I attended two of the last three and highly recommend them. Tony Simon teaching people about beer is everything that is good in the world.

  2. so I guess that you’ll be needing me to send you some hoppy beer then? Oh, did they discover hops on the east coast? (outside of Rhode Island)

  3. Tony, next time you’re in LA, you are guest beer-teaching with me — got it?

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