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Surprise Bender II: Moment of Sobriety

Following Friday’s post wherein I whined about my diminishing ability to deal with … uh … the radio, Gia and I heard an extremely refreshing interview while en route to the gymnasium. It became a full-fledged driveway moment as we sat in the gym parking lot and listened to the entire thing. I immediately wanted to post about it as a pleasant update to my wah-wah-whiney-making and then this morning I found a post on boingboing.

For those of you not inclined to link-clicking, I’ll summarize. Montana is one of several states to formally tell the federal government to take the Real ID act and cram it in their cram holes. With 100% approval, Montana passed legislation that besically says, “No.” In the 4:21 interview, Governor Brian Schweitzer explains his state’s position to Melissa Block. My favorite passage:

NPR: Well, Governor Schweitzer, what happens in May if somebody from your state wants to get on a commercial flight?

Schweitzer: They’re gonna show ‘em their Montana drivers license and they’re gonna get on that commercial flight and nothing is gonna happen.

NPR: But that’s supposed to be the deadline …

Schweitzer: BLAH BLAH BLAH supposed to be the deadline. There’s nothing in the constitution that tells homeland security that they’re supposed to do this or they must do this, in fact, there isn’t even any actions by congress that says, “This is the specific letter that you must have.” This is another bluff by some bureaucrats in Washington D.C. and thank god we live a long ways from Washington D.C.

If you have 4 minutes, it is worth the listen.

  1. Brian Schweitzer for King!! Yeah- TSA is telling me that in order to get a new keycard to drive my truck into a port and get a shipping container, I have to submit to a full background check while they create a digital file on me with my picture and fingerprints. I told my boss that I will do it right before the deadline. What I will actually do is quit my job right before the deadline.

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