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Sleep Training: Day Two

The short version: We are far from out of the woods, but day two showed tangible progress over day one. Matty was able to get himself to sleep in only 37 minutes, which is 19 whole minutes faster than day one! (Yes, I realize this metric is meaningless in the grand scheme and that we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.)

He has spent the last two nights on the floor behind his door, lying on his stomach as if he were trying to see under the door, or, you know, ensure that his shrieks and wails are as loud and grating as possible for those downstairs. I actually hate the idea of him screaming through the gap under his door more than I hate the actual screaming. We stopped using the monitor when we moved him out of his crib, mostly because, if he woke up, he would immediately leave his room (and the visual range of the monitor), and we didn’t need any technology to let us know that our son was standing at the top of the stairs yelling our names. Now that he is locked in his room, we have reactivated the monitor so we can, er, monitor his activities. Seeing him lying motionless on the floor definitely triggers a slight rescue response every time I look at the monitor, which is awesome. Then there’s the guilt when he wakes up with a puffy eye and carpet tracks on his face. But, whatever, these are all miniscule issues. Onward!

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