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Random Search Strings

I’ve stopped doing a monthly search string post because there haven’t been enough good new ones the past several months to justify a quality post each month. And come one, people, I am all about the quality. That said, I was just poking around in the stats files and some of these made me chuckle. My mother taught me to share:

local sluts from gwinnett county
nice ass shoe
repainting popcorn ceiling arkansas law
indian man drinking beer
whiskey enema
growing fatter right before our eye
weed killer killed my grass
hot donkey humping
what is a facectomy
how to give yourself a backward wedgie
ear candling cabbagetown
will it mess up my beer if i ferment it
rhymes with sixty
ryobi piece of shit
comics for rabbits
mothball addiction
buddhist chicks
schwantz hockey
jewish joke..punchline it was obvious
cherokee ass clapping
hateful bug
poop fork
beer drinking camel at redneck wedding
lick my tone
computers internet blog
lisa needs braces next winter
catch basin stinks
witty comebacks towards office bitches
cleft forehead
approximately how many calories will a blue heron ingest every day?

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