in House

Pre-gutter-installation: a footnote

Do you like how Gia and I are scheduled to get new gutters tomorrow? Do you like how Georgia will likely get just under five thousand inches of rain the day before tomorrow? DO YOU LIKE IT?!

I know, I know. Georgia needs rain more than Atlanta needs public transportation. I’d like to think Gia and I are doing our part to ensure Georgia gets as much precipitation as possible, no matter how inconvenient for us. In fact, the more inconvenient for us, the better for Georgia. You’re welcome, Georgia, you hideous, cranky, bitch-dragon.

[Insert photo of me standing in the front yard this morning, wearing my fake North Face jacket in the torrential downpour, shaking my fist at the gutter that has come loose approximately 750 feet high and is pouring a solid stream of water, like a drill, into the ground a couple feet from the foundation.]