in Antics


Oh, did I forget to tell you I’m in a new band? It’s called Onomatopoenis. We have one album [s/t], and it has one song on it, which is called Onomatopoenis. Unfortunately, immediately following the release of our debut record, we broke up having never played a single live show. Oh well. Here is the album in it’s entirety:

(Those of you reading via RSS will have to visit the site to stream the audio, or you can download here.)

Seriously though, Crane, Dave, and I wrote and recorded this song in approximately 30 minutes. Add another 20-30 minutes to adjust the mics and record the vocals and we are ONE CRAZY FAST HIT MACHINE, I AM TELLING YOU. Strangely enough, we aren’t nearly as drunk as we sound. Rise up.

Brian Crane: Bass, Vocals
Dave Becker: Guitar, Vocals
Mike Douglas: Vocals, Vocals
Your Mom: Drums, Vocals

  1. Has anyone seen my cock? These guys just rocked it off.

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