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Moons over whatevah

It’s looking like today might be a little bit slower than it has been in a long while, so why don’t I crank out a tedious update of what has been going on over the past moon or so? HUH?! WHY DON’T I?!?!

Let’s see … the trial Gia was working on, which gained intensity throughout 2006, and reached fully-sustained freakout pitch sometime in October, wrapped up a couple weeks earlier than anticipated, which was awesome. (You can read about it here.) As a result, she has spent most of February rejoining the community of mankind and learning what it’s like to feel human again. Now, instead of running on pure adrenaline, almost no sleep, and the threat of hundreds of millions of dollars being awarded to the wrong team, she gets to deal with me again, which means conversations like, “Look, just because your’re home all the time now … I don’t see why I have to stop peeing in the shower. The cats think it’s very funny.” It’s good to have her back.

We’re taking a long overdue vacation next week. We realized recently that the only true vacation Gia and I have ever taken together, by oursleves, has been our honeymoon, which was like 37 years ago. This we shall remedy.

Beer continues to play a very prominent role in my life and I’m very happy about that (except for the persistent spare bike tire I can’t seem to shake from its perch around my halter-top sector. In an attempt to make my beer nerditude legitimately recognized by a national organization, I’m planning on taking the BJCP exam in May. This involves a three hour class / study session / excuse to nerd out about beer every Sunday between the end of January and May 20th (excluding the Superbowl, Easter, Mother’s Day, and last Sunday because the course administrator was planning ahead of time to be hungover that afternoon). As part of this course of study, I was a judge at the Peach State Brew Off last weekend (and for a little while the weekend before). I was one of the, if not the greenest judges there, but the organizers paired me with some very experienced folks, so it worked out well and I absorbed a metric shit-ton of valuable information. Thankfully, there were only a couple of these:

“I cannot taste any significant technical flaws in this specimen.”

“You mean except for the overt oxidation and rampant Pediococcus infection?”

“Right, of course, except for that stuff … duh.”

So as not to violate any of the judging anonimity guidelines, I will say that my skillz ended up being affirmed by the best of show results. Sweet. This little foray out of my garage and into the local brewing community has also rekindled my desire to start brewing my own again. The last beer I made was great. It’s been too long.

In other local beer news:

- Summits in Sandy Springs closed up shop several weeks ago, an event about which I have mixed feelings. Summits did a lot of things right, and I spent a lot of money there because they were the closest beer bar to my abode. but the experience there was often a frustrating one for various reasons. Word on the street is that it is re-opening next week (3/4) as Charlie Mopps Pub and will feature the same 104 taps and Eleventy Billion bottles they’ve always had but with more focus on being a proper beer bar (a la Brickstore) and not just a smokey sports hangout with a poorly managed wall of beer in the background. Here’s hoping.

- Last week, beers from DogFish Head became available in Georgia via Savannah Distributing. DFH makes some grandma-slapping good beers. This is one instance where Georgia’s high-alcohol beer law comes back to haunt. On 7/1/2004, the ABV limit was raied from 6% to 14%. I would guess this includes 98% of beers currently available on the market. Unfortunately, DFH makes a handful of beers that shatter the 14% threshold, so none for us. I’m not, however, going to cry over 4 or 5 beers. Georgia has coma a long way since ’04. If you see beers from DFH, buy them and pour them in your face.

- Muss & Turners continues to be the greatest restaurant on the face of the Earth. They do everything right, ESPECIALLY beer. Gia and I have racked up an OBSCENE amount of money on our M&T rewards card. But don’t get any funny ideas, you know, like possibly going there yourself for food and / or drink. It’s already far too crowded. I mean, this is to be expected of an establishment that is the best one of its kind on the planet, but I’m warning you. If I see you there, I’ll probably recommend something tasty from the menu and I might even buy you a delicious adult beverage, but I will be totally bitter and insincere about it. On the inside.

What else … oh, I turn 30 this summer, so I imagine I’ll start pondering / freaking the fuck out here any minute. The Duke turns 60 in April and we’ve planned a pretty cool little trip to commemorate our chronological milestones. In June we’re flying up to Boston to catch a Red Sox game (Giants) and then jetting over to NYC the next day to catch a Yanks game (Mets). Yes, we already have tickets.

That’s about it. I go to the gym three tmes a week, and it feels awesome. I’ve been reading books this year. I’m about to finish my third one of the year, which is a HUGE deal considering it’s only February. I want to build a new back deck this spring / summer. The inside of Tall Brown needs painting. I’ve been drumming more recently, and have started sniffing around a new kit, possibly. I switched from using mayonnaise in tuna fish to using extra virgin olive oil and I think it’s much better.

The end.

  1. As you know I will be in Atlanta this summer from May 21-August 4th. Keep knocking the dust off of the drum kit, b/c whatever is left will be rattled off by my bass this summer.

  2. Did you see the Muss & Turner review in this week’s Creative Loafing? I’d never heard of them before today, and now twice! Not likely that I’ll be going for the beef tartare, but still.

  3. Toe-Knee.

    You said:
    > I switched from using mayonnaise…

    Anything that comes after this phrase means that you are turning into a…. I can’t even *think*, I’m so depressed over your metamorphosis into…

    juss dam.

    (OBTW – Superior job on the judging/Best of Show winner. That’s actually happened to me a couple of times…) ;-)

    I am still… D-Y


  4. Everyone calm down about the mayo. I like mayo just fine. I was just looking for a different way to eat tuna. When was the last time any of you made a tuna sandwich and didn’t use mayo? All right then …

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