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Mea Culpa

I meant to write this up a couple days ago, but I keep forgetting because I will be 31 in July, which means my brain resembles a single, sparking wire dangling in the center of a dank, empty warehouse.

Last Thursday, whilst enjoying some frosty cold ones around a large table at M&T, Bob Townsend TOTALLY CALLED ME OUT on this blog entry. Go read the third paragraph and the first two comments … I’ll wait.

I am usually very good about reconciling my digital reach with my real life (as evidenced here, a mere 40 posts after the one linked above), so it’s never surprising when Google leads people to this site like a yelping Border Collie.

Having re-read what I wrote (almost three years ago, BOB!), I don’t really disagree with anything I said. In fact, the blog post itself was enthusiastic and supportive. It was only when fufats took umbrage with Townsend’s proclamations, and I subsequently agreed with fufats that the tone turned snide (THANKS A LOT, BILL!). I still agree with the post, and I agree with the spirit of the comments, but I regret that the conversation was had in a tone that came across as highly critical of Bob in what is essentially a public forum, but offered Bob no chance to respond unless he were somehow able to find the whole thing on his own. Which he eventually did.

Would I personally describe Atlanta as a mecca for the best beers in the world? Eh, it depends on what you consider to be the best beers in the world. Regardless, craft brew enthusiasts in the ATL are fast running out of things to complain about. Atlanta may not be Portland or Seattle, or even Boston or Denver, but there is no shortage of perfectly great beer here.

I think it’s fairly safe to say, when I wrote that post, I never thought I would ever actually meet and / or hang out with Bob. Now having met and chatted with him several times at various beer events, I can say Bob is super and I feel bad. Sorry, Bob.

  1. Wah! Sounds like Bob’s a bit sensitive but I’m glad to hear he called you on your b.s. I’m also glad that now, at least, there are two things that don’t suck about atlanta.

  2. Not sensitive at all, actually. I enjoyed the funny comments and have always appreciated Tony’s beer knowledge and enthusiasm. But Thursday did present a perfect opportunity to give him a little shite — in front of one of Georgia’s best brewers no less!

    I will say that the gist of the piece was largely misunderstood. It was about pent up demand, andAtlanta suddenly becoming a major market for good beer from around the world. I don’t think I ever said that the brewing scene here compared to Portland or Denver. I’m not that stupid.

    However, I would invite you to ask some brewers and owners what kind of numbers they are doing in Atlanta. From recent conversations, I know it’s still blowing the minds of Sam of Dogfish Head and many others.



  3. As a longtime resident of Atlanta and current 10 year resident of Portland, I must say that my recent visits to the A-town have shocked me. Atlanta’s craft beer scenr is growing rapidly. It does take a long time to grow the culture, but Atlanta appears to be well on their way.

    BTW, I made several visits to Charlie Mopps in Atlanta, where there are more craft brews on tap than any bar in Portland- sans Henry’s Tavern. I had a Rogue beer that I haven’t even seen at the Rogue alehouse in PDX.

  4. No disrespect meant to the ATL by my comments on Tony’s previous post.

    I’m seriously glad to hear that you guys are becoming a major market for good beers. That’s good news for everybody – you get a wider selection, craft breweries are able to expand, and the boys at Anheiser/Coors shake in their boots just a little bit more.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

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