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May Search Strings

Okay … the “MySpace layout” search string situation fully exploded in May. Most months, there are between 1200 and 1500 search strings in the logfile. For May, 2006, the logfile contains 3469 total strings, although I only get to see the first 1,000 individually. Out of the first 40 strings on the list, 37 of them are some sort of MySpace layout reference. How to make nunchucks is 23rd on the list! Gay Shorties is 41st!! That’s unacceptable! The vertically unambitious homosexuals need to step it up!

Since I only get the first 1,000 strings, regardless of how many there are on the list, it goes without saying that the MySpace tsunami has dilluted the quality of the entire list. There are still some winners this month, but the pickings are noticeably slimmer. (One item of note: Apparently there is a shortage of specialty sluts all across the internet because there was a huge surge in searches containing the word sluts. Hopefully these folks were able to find what they were looking for.) Here are the ones that caught my attention:

utah sluts
meth sluts
funny people getting jacked up
kkk sluts
mexican sluts
sand sluts
rhymes with sixty
hairlip jokes
cherokee the ass
lick my socks
nunchucks tutorial
mythbuster chicks
half a million dollar porsche
donkey humping
pictures of people getting wedgies
gay ass clapping
dune sluts
pig luncher
chafing pictures
cute summertime quotes
rate my booger
girls getting jet ski wedgies
lazy man aerator
rash arms
i really had to pee
kkk members get so much slack! video code
odor smell mercedes
beer guts sluts bar tour
grouting natural slate
itchy pallet
spotted cow beer calories
lots of broccoli images
porn soccer
parts of a tulip
sluts selling tacos
atlanta gay
weed throat hurt
moonshine gas
huge flathead
ass jeans
yard of grass
immune system nice images
spray paint gun house ebay
yellow fatboy
picture of people accidentally pooping themselves
sparks malted beverage
preppy sluts
carl kassel in running shorts
myspace sluts
clydesdales breathing
dogfish pictures redneck
how to stop getting wedgies
bluetooth earpiece positive effects
lucious shirt
causes for itchy nut sack
quadrapalegic air travel
southern pride stripper
back yaard
adult blow up doll examples
complaining about a dentist
happy humping

  1. First of all, I want to know where you are hiding the “lots of broccoli images”. Secondly, can you tell me where the sluts selling tacos are? I want a taco real bad.

  2. are you out there?
    I just found you online while browsing through random names in google. you’re still weird-that’s awesome!!
    by the way……this is becca p :)

  3. picture of people accidentally pooping themselves

    Really? This bothers me and amuses me all at once. (The fact its in a search string, not the actual incident.)

  4. I’d like to point out that you’ve updated your My Space page more recently than you’ve updated your blog. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Hey Tony! I stumbled across your blog a few months ago. I went to high school with you. I was good friends with most of the members of Antique Future. Shoot me an email.

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