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March Search Strings

It’s that time of the month! (Which means, basically, it’s the beginning of the month.) Join me as we open the stat factory to see what sort of depraved, amoral souls have been sniffing around my corner of the internet over the past 31 days. But first, this news …

If you think I’m going to rejoice even a little bit that Old Rooster Neck DeLay claims he’s stepping down, then your thinking juice is all jacked up. There’s something not right about this. The optimist in me wants to think that he’s stepping down because he knows the whole corruption / Abramoff / laundering / puppy-stomping thing is about to blow up in his face like four meth labs. But it can’t be that simple. I refuse to believe that the Texas Taliban hasn’t figured out a way to make lemonade out of a flaming sack of salmonella diarrhea. DeLay stepping down is the first step in a much larger plan, but I can’t wrap my wee brain around all the possibilities, so I’m just going to pretend he’s still in charge because he probably is. Tony Simon, Gratuitous Dumbassitude News, Atlanta.

This was a pretty good month for search strings. The leader in overall quantity was one that has been knocking on the top spot for several months now. Without further ado, I present you how to make nunchucks. The next six in order of frequency:

holz hausen
gay shorties
truth drums
tony looks like
tony simon
how to make roofies

The appearance of my own name in that list is interesting. I won’t deny the fact that I google myself periodically, but I’m fairly certain I was not responsible for 15 hits in March alone. The increased pings from holz hausen are probably a result of this forum posting which resulted in 100 or so visits. Welcome, firewood dorks!

This month I’ve decided to include all nunchuck references in the list just to show what incredible source of nunchuck reference this site is, apparently. The other big show this month was people searching for variously-themed myspace layouts. I included a couple of the funny ones. This month’s list is long. Onward!

brian humping lois
making nunchucks
using nunchucks
girls poop
make nunchucks
good comebacks for bitches
nunchucks tutorials
black boogers
nunchucks video
funny pictures of people being and pooping there pants
mexican myspace layouts
beer enema
huffing febreeze
mexican prom
falling off treadmill
hairlip jokes
pillow humping pics
neil peart booger eater
how to build nunchucks
make me a sandwich
sike religion
kkk members get so much slack!
nunchucks tutorial
how much do garbage men get paid
penis chafing picture
manilla sluts
paint sprayer explosions
homosexual myspace layouts
hot ass slough
tonys bitch
photos of people getting wedgies
exercises for bitch tits
nubile males
little ass burrito
smoking black boogers
stupid giraffe
sexy cleveland browns fans
cinnamon bay jellyfish
good ebay photos
present wrapping for rednecks
cool calm collected
100 things i want to accomplish before i die
pool noodle inventor
nunchucks tutorial school -nurse
redneck beards
those disgusting school uniforms
immature music videos never lie
cherokee ass clapping
she married me for my money
douche baggery video
quad jump and mechanical bulls
i want to make nunchucks
rodeos myspace layouts
preppy mexican sluts
stupid stupid shintos
garbage amnesty day cobb county georgia
drums in bible
dinosaur that spits out tar and has a flappy neck
christianity is retarded
donkey humping a guy taking a shit
i took a dump on the hob
misses claus nipples
how to use nunchucks
how to build a nunchucks
bachelorette boners
jaw wired shut sucks
alcohol content of poplar malt beverages zima
cartoons about wood
websites of kkk sluts
myspace images shit icecubes
correct use of incredulous
mountain ho
moo motherfucker
what does sam adams boston lager taste like?
5 gallon tits
most pullups by a woman
mexican prom pictures
gender specific bluetooth headsets
ferris bueller what art museum did he go to when he skipped school?
porn dudes vs rednecks
clothing made of plastic
after sawing off a tree branch should you put anything on the tree wound?
gay ghat
hot rod jet ski
temperature of natalie portman grits
are twinkies kosher
comforting quotes after surgery
pig luncher installation
jerkass clothing company
nunchucks clips
what causes dog boogers
whores north georgia
jessica sexy pope high school
harlot poncho
jaint penis
gluten allergy bullshit
tutorial nunchucks
using a rake to remove the popcorn from ceilings
frosty wedgie
good comebacks poop
bitch make me a sandwich
beard before
triple tits
get your own pirate name
hardibacker made me sick
nazi myspace layout
cheat dmv eye test
fat wangs
hamas motherfuckers
hairy beanbags team names
ordering coleslaw
before and after six beers
why christianity is dumb
nunchucks using
getting hit with nunchucks
statistics on fellatio
quadrapalegic blog
working at publix sucks
bible phrases outdated ridiculous
goddamned cocktease
pee-pee dance
realizing girls poop
tricks to singing death metal
hostess beef fat pie

  1. No doubt about it – this is your best month ever for search strings. I can’t even narrow it down to a handful of favorites.

  2. I’ve been making nunchaku for 35 years… I *KNOW* how. If someone wants to partake of this knowledge, just ask… ;-)

  3. “donkey humping a guy taking a shit”


  4. I was informed by one of my friends who looked around the internet and found that you had a big problem with my hotlinking of your picture of the Arkansas flag. It was a post from late November. My bad, I took it down if you had not noticed.

  5. I do karate and I think you should have more infomation on the weapons and different styles
    eg. nunchucks, jo’s, tang-hand and jujitsu
    Hope you actually listen to what your viewers want and in future put it on.
    Overall this is a good site but like I said it could be better.


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