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In order to continue my recent streak of addressing prevalent blogosphere topics a couple days after the intertubes have reached total saturation, I will now tackle the issue of “Year’s Best Albums.” I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I would like. I wear the iPod at the gym (whee), but I usually rely on old standbys in that environment. I can’t crank it or wear headphones at work because I sit in a cube farm and I’m almost constantly in meetings or on the phone. I actually did my best music discovery while sitting on airplanes this year.

I have chosen to post a list not because this year was a particularly strong year for music releases, or because I think anyone cares particularly which albums tickled my nuts more than others during 2k7. Those of you who would like these records are probably already familiar with them. If not, then you suck. What’s up there, sucky?

No, I have decided to throw my list into the mix simply because I am surrounded by Best of 2007 lists seemingly written by deaf Germans who have been cryogenically frozen since 1988. Jesus Facebooking Christ you people listen to some garbage. Yeah, you. All of you. I am boxed in on all sides by idiots. I hate the internet.

In reverse alphabetical order by the second letter in each album title:

MaseratiInventions for the New Season
I have long been a huge fan of Jerry Fuchs’ drumming and this album simply reinforces the fact that I have fucking awesome taste in everything. If you have a plane ride any time in the near future, take this one along to escape. I don’t like it so much for exercising, but I see how some people could. These guys are from Athens and I met Matt at Corndog-o-rama this summer, but I’ve yet to see them live. Bitches.

PelicanCity of Echoes
I keep letting this record slip through the cracks, but every time it comes back around I’m all like, “Dude. Awesome.” As a result, I’m not nearly as familiar with it as with the others, but I’m including it anyway because I’m all like, “Dude. Awesome.” The fact that the two records at the top of the list are both instrumental is pure coincidence and should be ignored. Aside from City of Echoes, the other great thing Pelican produced this year is their Golden Girls T-Shirt printed in gold ink. Which I also own. God, I’m awesome.

Battleseses’ first two EPs were a tad bit hard to get into for me what with all the math and the noise. But Mirrored is far more accessible, which translates into far more listens by slopey-browed rubes like myself. My favorite part of this record is the balance between free-form, math nerdery and galloping grooves. Usually the nerdery leaves everything choppy and disjointed, but Mirrored is like having warm maple syrup poured over your naked body while Pee-Wee Herman plays saxophone in another room. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

High on FireDeath is This Communion
I got into HoF last spring and Death is This Communion is the only record of theirs I have. Marty insists Blessed on Black Wings is better, so I should probably check it out along with the rest of their catalog. Looking over the list, this is really the only record I picked up (aside from Botch’s American Nervoso re-issue) that the Geester flat out refuses to listen to while in the car. Ugh — I’m getting all soft and old.

Chuck RaganFeast or Famine
Do I still wish Hot Water Music was together and Chris and Chuck had big huge beards and they were making records like Fuel for the Hate Game and Forever and Counting and playing Atlanta three or four times a year? Of course, dummy! But people grow up and bands break up and now Chuck is living in Northern California with his wife making gruffy, folksy, bluegrassy, Americana rock and that’s fine because it is awesome. Go and get this record, you doofus. He already has another one recorded (Bristle Ridge, recorded with Austin Lucas), so you’ve got some catching up to do.

Arcade FireNeon Bible
This is the one softball on my list. My main gripe with most of these music lists is that they’re chock full ‘o music that, while not “bad” by any stretch, has been hammered into my face by everyone at every turn all year long blah blah blah. OH, RADIOHEAD HAS A NEW RECORD OUT?!?! AND THEY’RE LETTING PEOPLE DOWNLOAD IT FOR WHATEVER THEY WANT TO PAY?!?! WELL POOP ON SHOES I’M GOING TO DOWNLOAD IT TWICE!!! I just get so jaded so quickly when everyone squirts pee-pee into their undies about all this low-hanging fruit. Everyone shut the fuck up about Radiohead already. See what you did? How did an Arcade Fire review end up being about Radiohead? AAARRGH!! Neon Bible is a really really great record and everyone on Earth agrees so just give in already. I did. I watched their Austin City Limits performance on the DVR last night. It’s great. I wish I would have seen them live on this tour.

Other music released this year that I liked but didn’t listen to enough to list included: Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Dr. Dog, Dan Deacon (live), Robert Plant / Alison Krauss, Spoon, and Wilco.

The end.

  1. The only things on this list I have listened to are the non-reviewed reviews (Spoon, Wilco). But, I am a Fuchs, and that should count for something.

    Die macht der Fuchs!

  2. Duane,

    Interesting concept … I suppose it would be okay for someone to have whatever taste in music they want … so long as it’s exactly like mine. Otherwise, I’m going to have to disagree with you.

  3. You forgot the newest ISIS record. Or maybe you didn’t. Or maybe that was 2006.

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