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June Search Strings

It appears as though our monthly search string journey will soon be coming to a close. And by “coming to a close” I mean “smothered to lifelessness by a pillowcase full of MySpace search strings.” As I’ve said before, I only get to see the first 1,000 strings on the list (in June there were 3917 total). Out of the first 1,000 strings, I would say at least 850 or so contain some sort of MySpace layout reference. Borrrrrrring.

The winner, searched for 229 times in one month, is redneck myspace layouts. And coming in second, with 123 individual pings, is preppy myspace layouts. I tell you what … the internet sure makes me hate the internet. Here’s what I was able to salvage from the rest of the list, including some of the more choice myspace selections:

sand sluts
meth sluts
utah sluts
nazi myspace layout
make nunchucks
mexican sluts
juicy myspace layouts
bleach myspace layouts
people getting wedgies
bitch myspace layouts
uncle pool
preppy sluts
gay shorties [gay shorties, you have fallen so far]
redneck sluts
donkey humping
jet ski myspace layouts
publix sucks
brown pride layouts for myspace
family guy porn
sike religion
mexican prom
scion hat
crunk juice myspace layouts
diaper myspace layouts
make roofies
dog tone
tone dog
pucky camel toe
thin myspace layouts
ass clapping
850lbs sluts
christianity is retarded
dog food myspace layouts
having a poop
naked scouts
what rhymes with sixty
hot shicks
win a plasma cutter
turn the myspace music off
humping a turkey
black guy with nunchucks video
rad myspace layouts
pig luncher
hooters dunk tank
mow diagonally
dunk a wench
gators eat boogers
free workouts with noodles
enya in ipa
lick my socks
corn seeds
harlot poncho
kick balls t-shirt girl nuts
dee snyder vs sarah jessica parker
neck infected
slough sluts
untuck my shirt
rate my booger
epitome of a douche
humping donkeys that hump people
jacked up trucks layouts for myspace

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