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Hey. How's it going?

Holy crap. Has another month skated by sans blog entries? I’m sure you’re all totally torqued about it. Shut up.

I heart lists.

- My travel schedule for work has let up from what it was in June and July, but I still get around a good bit. Since we last spoke, I spent a couple of enjoyable days in Boston. I got a great walking tour from a local and we had beers and lobster rolls right next to Fenway during a BoSox game. News flash: Boston fans might be more annoying than Yankees fans. I mean, shut up already. As soon as you broke your “curse” in 2004, people stopped caring. Your self-flagellation when the slightest things goes wrong is obnoxious, and your new found sense of entitlement is inexcusable. Stuff some baked beans in it. In fact, the whole AL East can fall into the Atlantic for all I care. IN FACT, BASEBALL CAN FALL INTO THE ATLANTIC FOR ALL I CARE. As of last night, football season is upon us, so you fancy, bat-swinging, steroid-chugging, seed-suckers need to WRAP. IT. UP.

- With the help of a gift certificate my folks gave me for my birthday, I got a new wheelie suitcase (this one, for those interested), so I look extra badass and I have all new places to put all my crap whilst away from home. I’m glad the opportunity to buy a new bag didn’t arise until after some significant travel, because it completely enhanced the buying process. It gave me plenty of time to look around and see what other travellers were dragging around. I went with the TravelPro for several reasons:

1. The Duke has used TravelPros for most of his career.
2. They’re relatively economical (Travelpro < $200 - Tumi > $500)because
3. Based on my observations / creepy staring, I’d say 97% of flight crews drag TravelPros.

I never realized how lonely business travel can be until I dove in with both feet, and I realized quickly that your roll-aboard is your one and only friend on the road. You look out for each other. It keeps your stuff safe from the elements, and you make sure it doesn’t get smashed to bits by some TSA missing link. In fact, I’d say the parallels between Tom Hanks / Wilson J. Volleyball and Business Traveller / Wheelie K. Box O’Clothes are quite numberous. Anyway, I heartily recommend the TravelPro Crew5.

- We also got a new vacuum cleaner for Tall Brown. After reading how owning one of those fancy Dysons will change your life, we went out … wait for it … and bought a Hoover. The WindTunnel II to be exact. Two things led to this decision: the WindTunnel was the highest rated in Consumer Reports, and I read a few too many reviews that they Dyson was A) more fashion than function, and B) really fragile. Like, one lady said she knocked hers over and the body cracked. I know that’s just internet heresay, but if I spent $400 on what is essentially a power tool and it broke from falling over, I might be forced to eat it out of sheer rage.

As might be expected, having the new vacuum is both great and horrifying for the same reason and that reason is the damn thing works so well. Seriously, you guys. Gross. Knowing now the kind of filth we’ve been wallowing in for the past three years, my relationship with the Whirlwind is, how you say, bittersweet.

Let’s see. What else …

- I’ve been smoking meat like a mad man. Two batches of ribs at the beginning of the month, and then last weekend I did two Boston Butts. Two people told me it was the best pork they’ve ever had in their lives. We may be onto something here. There’s some pictures on the right.

- I also blew the dust off the brewery last weekend. I hadn’t brewed since January, a fact for which I am very much ashamed. I did Brown Ale for the impending fall weather. I also made up a recipe for the first time, which could prove to be awesome or … not awesome. (For the nerds I mashed 10lbs of Maris Otter and a half pound each of Chocolate Malt, Carafa II, Caramel Wheat, and Crystal 40L. 60 minute boil. Half ounce of Chinook at 60, half ounce of Amarillo at 15, and half ounce of Amarillo at flame out. WL0051 California V yeast.)

As part of my spiral of discouragement, I tried to put the beer we brewed in January out of my mind. Problem was, I put it out of my mind before it was finished. As of Saturday, it had been sitting in a secondary fermenter, with dry hops, since January. I was ready to dump it and get on with my life, but I decided to taste it just to make sure. Turns out, it tastes waaaaaaaay better than I remember, so I kegged it on the spot and will begin enjoying it this weekend while I do everything in my power to overdose on football.

And speaking of this weekend … I think I’m going to start mine a little early. Ta.


  1. I kinda like…
    “I might be forced to eat it out of sheer rage.”

    I read it a bit differntly. It sounded like “I’m gonna eat out an appliance of of rage”.

    Damn dislyxia

  2. He said “Maris Otter”….


    Looks like a DANG good recipe there, Pilgrim.

    I want some. Now.

  3. made it out to NE Oregon for the labor day weekend and happened to be 6 miles from the Terminal Gravity brewery. If you thought their IPA was good wait until you try TG’s Tripel. Holy Crap! 9.7% of pure bliss. Of course they were closed today when I tried to stop in and get a growler for the way home. You smoke meat.

  4. Damn DAMN DAMN why haven’t you updated the link to my blog?! It’s been ages. AGES! What the fuck. What the hell. Goddamn it. God fuck it.

  5. Damn we need a new vacuum. I mean bad. Seriously, I am thinking about asking for one today.

    And this:

    I’ve been smoking meat like a mad man.

    May be the most unintentionally gay thing you have said in a while.

  6. Hey, found your blog googling on “authorized wine shipper in ga”; you pop up as #2. I’m a homebrewer in Decatur, and had a fun time reading some of your stuff. If you’ve got any of that brown ale left, we should trade some bottles. I’ve got a Tripel, and IPA, and an Apple Brown Bitter cold, and a Pumpkin Ale carbing in the bottle right now.

    Drop me an email of you’re interested.

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