Black Metal Wednesday

Remember the post I wrote a couple months back about the black metal band, Immortal, and, specifically, their drummer Reidar Horghagen?

Well, peep the two videos below and tell me if you can spot the difference. (Hint: It shouldn’t take you long.) If you’re a real trooper, the Grammy-winning vocals kick in at the 0:50 mark in the first video.

UPDATE: Looks like you fools reading this on Bloglines are going to have to actually visit my site to see the videos. don’t know about the other RSS readers …

1. Immortal – Call of the Wintermoon:

2. Immortal – Call of the Wintermoon:

Lookout! Links!

Rather than update the April Search Strings post and test everyone’s scrolling ability by filling your RSS feeds with a four foot tall repost, I’ll do this separate, micro-sized update. You’re welcome.

It seems that the many repetitions of the word myspace has gotten my content hijacked by several possibly questionable aggregators. It’s strangely flattering. The circle of links continues (cue Elton John soundtrack):

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4

And those are just what showed up in Technorati, a website whose results I find highly suspicious.


… we pick up the story to find our hero mired in a weeks-long dearth of anything remotely resembling a cretive idea. To complicate things, he refuses to not blog. What results is an elementary recipe for utter disaster. Let’s see what he does next …

So, like, when all else fails, post an amusing photo to distract people, right? You betcha. If you haven’t already seen the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time (which, incidentally, were posted a looooong time ago) at Ruthless, then you’ve been lied to all this time about actually having access to the internet. Please stop polluting your pretend internet with lies.

What happens when someone on the Ruthless forum devises a way to add, via Photoshop, the black and white death-KISS makeup, specifically of Immortal’s own Reidar Horghagen, to a photo of yourself?

Hilarious stuff … that’s what happens.

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Blog squatting tour 2005

I need a change of scenery. I need a new design or a new theme or a new beer or something. I’ve been kicking around the idea for a little while of doing all interviews all the time. Sometimes it sounds neat. Sometimes, feh. For the next few days I’m going to go ahead and blog in other people’s comment sections and try not to get flagged as spam.

Today I’m at Mike’s house.

Where the hell are you?

Click here to view and add yourself to a map of all the readers. The key here is ADD YOURSELF. If you don’t, then … let’s just say Osama Bid Laden doesn’t want you to add your name to the map.

Found via and lifted from Amber.


My blogroll over there on the right has been in need of an update for a woefully long time. I’ve been using Bloglines and the feed to keep up, but that means I end up accidentally ignoring blogs without RSS feeds like Str8jacket, Bad Fetch, Candy Is My Life, and The Kyle. (Incidentally, if any of those blogs do have feeds that I’m missing, please point me toward them. Spanks.)

Good Intentions and Voices In My Head decided to fold up shop. Also The Tao of Dave hasn’t updated since April. BAH-LEETED!

I’ve added some of my newer trivia pals like Drama Wench, Strip Search City, and The Zipman. Also, Audacity is the new home of a well-known, recently relocated trivia blogger.

As for adding links to all the folks I’ve met through APWBWGTTD, and Metroblogging, I decided it made a little more sense to just add a link to Someday, I’d like to have a blogroll as organized as The Scrivener, but that day is not today.

This morning I updated my shizzle to WordPress 1.5.2 and Spam Karma 2.0. WordPress upgrades are so easy that I’m always suspicious whether anything actually gets upgraded. Please let me know if you notice any bugs or if your comments get caught in the new spam filter.

And here’s your fourth and final snareline picture of the week.

Here we are warming up for PASIC 1998 in Orlando behind the Orange County Convention Center. This picture is neat because it looks like a frame taken from some Hollywood summer blockbuster. Imagine the low sinister movie trailer voice: ” … in a world … where everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer … comes a force not dissimilar to some of the more forceful forces ever … 12 hands … six drums … one brain … SNARELINE …” I’m think about blowing some copies of this one up. Let me know if you’d like one.

I’ve been to some big convention centers in my time, but Orlando’s facility is easily the biggest. At least it seemed so then. While we were there, we shared the building with one of those really freaky Christian conventions. Despite having a combined attendance of well over 100,000, we never once crossed paths with any of the cult members. That’s a big facility.

"The reason why bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass"

Found via the Scrivener, the Who’s Your Daddy random generator. You enter your father’s name and it spits out a result. This thing is clearly bullshit, because I entered “The Duke” and this is what it gave me:

Your Daddy Is George Clinton

What You Call Him: Daddy Dearest
Why You Love Him: He takes you to church

If this generator knew its ass from any of the holes in its head, it would have produced the following response:

Your Daddy Is Red Foreman

What You Call Him: The Duke
Why You Love Him: Because people who don’t love their fathers are dumbasses

Slapping faces onto names

I’ve been a sparse contributor to the Atlanta Metblog for a few months now, and last night I was able to attend one of the monthly meetups and put some faces to the names I’ve been reading for so long.

Metroblog contributors I now have the pleasure of recognizing in real life, perhaps at a rock and roll concert or while waiting to get a stylish haircut:
Captain Daniel

Non-Metroblog contributors who I will someday pick out of a lineup:

If you were there and I didn’t mention you here, it’s probably because I forgot your name. Please leave a comment detailing what an insensitive prick I am. Lori posted a recap complete with a picture of the roll call. I was informed that we “Trivia Bloggers” are somewhat of a clique within the local blogging scene. I can’t believe I just used the words local blogging scene. I will not stand for this. From scenes and cliques come drama, and if I become associated in any way, shape, or form with something as irrefutably lame as “local blogger drama” I will sever all ties with the internets, burn my house down, and run barking into the Chattahoochee. What I’m saying is that all you Trivia Bloggers (and I know you’re all reading this) need to tell Lori to add you to the next meetup evite. DO IT!!

And all you locals should check this out as well.