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Athens beer quickie

Since spending a week in Portland eating and drinking like an experimental hyperthyroid mouse, followed immediately by a big meal and show at the Fox, followed immediately by NOT EATING WINGS (with beers) at The Local didn’t seem to be enough … I decided to putter on over to Athens on Saturday for the grand opening of Terrapin’s new brewery. (The fact that Terrapin has been selling their beers since 2002 but, thanks to the wicked awesome legislative environment in Georgia, weren’t able to open their brewery until 2008 is a whole other foamy rant.) While Terrapin was the main thrust that propelled me to Athens, there were a few other items on my do it list. I wanted to see Mark and Dana who got married while we were in Portland. I wanted to See Rob and Mo because it had been too great a while since that had happened. And I wanted to check out Trappeze, a new beer bar that has all the nerds abuzz.

The brewery opening met my expectations almost precisely. (Unfortunately, so did my camera battery, so pics are light.) Terrapin’s facility is impressive. They put Sweetwater’s old brewing equipment (formerly at Zuma Brewing) into a 45,000 square foot warehouse on the North side of town. The crowd (I heard preliminary estimates of ~2,000 attendees) was enthusiastic but well-mannered, especially considering how long the lines for beer were. The lines were so long, in fact, that had I not had a hook up of sorts, I would have bailed much earlier. Put your eyeballs on these pictures:

Le front door:

Le side door:

Hippies getting noodley:

I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the brewery likely because I am made almost entirely of idiot and fail. Moving right along then.

Gia, skip the next sentence. Trappeze is the tits. Their beer list is what I imagine a beer list would be like if I lived in a world where all beer lists are awesome. They don’t have quite the volume of, say, a Taco Mac, but there’s really no comparison. Taco Mac’s menu is chock full of a bunch of crap people with working tongues wouldn’t touch, and the average number of Taco Mac employees at each store who actually know what they have in stock is 0.75. Trappeze doesn’t have quite as many exotics as The Brickstore, but, lets be honest, who does? Trappeze has a nice, large list with enough depth to keep enthusiasts like myself busy, but without trying to go over the top. I am a big fan. Also, their 30 or so taps are listed on a large chalkboard that can be A) seen from anywhere in the bar including the sidewalk out front and B) easily updated when taps are switched on-the-fly. The Publick House in Boston has the same setup and it works flawlessly. Dear Taco Mac get with the fucking program already thanks Tony. Trappeze’s website can be found here, but there’s not much there. That would probably explain why a Google search of ‘trappeze athens‘ returns them 10th in line. Your eyeballs, look with them:

You have to be 11 feet tall to get the beer from those tap handles:

Behold, the latest in beer bar wireless communication, the chalkboard:

Mark and I, unsettled:

After behaving VERY WELL and not screaming, spitting, or peeing on or at anything that didn’t deserve it, I crashed at Mark’s new pad out on the East side. Mark just bought American Classic Tattoo on Baxter. You should all go there and let him draw on you. On Sunday, Mark cooked frickin’ crab cakes benedict with creamed spinach. It was OUTRAGEOUSLY good, and I didn’t even have to have sex with him.

In conclusion, excellent weekend. If you get the chance:

- Go to one of Terrapin’s many available brewery tours.
- Go to Trappeze
- Go to American Classic Tattoo and get something like a butterfly on your hip or a barbed wire armband.
- Sleep at Mark’s house and eat whatever he makes for breakfast.