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April Search Strings – MySpace month

Is it May already? Hot diggity damn. I guess that means there’s a fresh batch of depravity waiting for me in the stats repository. Let’s go see how we did in April …

Maintaining its grip on the top spot is the ever-viral how to make nunchucks, a feat about which I really have nothing to say. And I’ll spare you all the nunchuck variations this time around. Slipping all the way down to fourth place is the venerable gay shorties, which has been near the top since record keeping began. They must be amidst a rebuilding campaign. And after an impressive March showing of second place, holz hausen dropped to tenth place.

My mention of it last month now seems to be more foreshadowing than I could have ever predicted, but randomly assorted searched for myspace layouts takes the cake for this month’s theme. I guess people are getting more and more fed up with how decidedly awful MySpace profiles look by default, so they’re searching en masse for ways to make them look much, much worse.

Look at the entire top ten:

how to make nunchucks
tony simon
truth drums
gay shorties
tony looks like
how to make roofies
mexican myspace layouts
nazi myspace layouts
homosexual myspace layouts
brian humping lois
[Family Guy porn? Seriously?]
holz hausen

Hey, homosexuals, shorties or not, I cannot believe you let the Nazis take it to you like that, even if it was only by one spot. And you better believe the Nazis are running extra wind sprints this week after being shown up by the Mexicans. I smell a sociology dissertaion. Also huge on the MySpace tip were people searching for ways to turn off the music autoplay feature. I knew I wasn’t alone. And finally, the phrase ass clapping came in eleventh, which I thought was worthy of an honorable mention. The rest of the gold is below, including most of the MySpace searches:

lsu myspace layouts
redneck myspace layouts
mexican sluts
rhymes with sixty
hairlip jokes
myspace music autoplay [HA! Other people hate it too!]
motorcycle myspace layouts
mexican layouts for myspace
the dog humping lois
worded myspace layouts
preppy myspace layouts
kkk myspace layout
dallas mavericks myspace layouts
cleveland browns myspace layouts
fee cherokee ass watcher
left boob
redneck beards
douche baggery video
mexican hors douvres
origination of volleyball
slut myspace layouts
myspace layouts mexican
redneck bull ride myspace pictures
oregon hairlip
phobia of loud startling noises
mans homosexshul
dunk a wench
hines ward myspace layouts
giraffe myspace layout
lack of poop
atlanta braves myspace layouts
sluts eating boogers
myspace layout jacker
sarah jessica parker and dee snider and picture
myspace songs not autoplay
turn off myspace themes
jaint cock
cherokee layouts for myspace
suicidal myspace layouts
myspace music autoplay how to not
busch myspace layout
uga myspace layouts
hate georgia bulldogs redneck fans
myspace layouts steeler
my space layout sam adams
good ass chili
kkk tee shirts
really weak joke
myspace profiles dinosaur background
dot myspace layouts
hard in pants
pirate myspace layouts
inventor of the pool noodle
duke basketball myspace layouts
double gay
cool calm collected
cherry myspace layouts
tie die myspace layouts
diaper at a bar beer
heat beer in the microwave
what causes black boogers
fdny myspace layouts
what kind of is this black and brown dogs that are tall
kick balls sudden
myspace beer layouts
white zinfandel wine layout for myspace
myspace layouts mariah carey
prescription steroids phil collins voice
geddy lee myspace layout
beer enema infection
christianity is retarded
myspace notre dame layouts
bush sucks my space lay outs
i hate duane myspace
jetski myspace layouts
myspace layout corona beer theme
mom loves me
karaoke myspace layout
weed leaf myspace layouts
southern pride my space layouts
spuds nipples
texas taliban
magical poop
donkey humping man in ditch
chrome myspace layouts
quadrapalegic gym
burrito myspace layouts
stupid bjcp exam
songebob butt
myspace layouts of tits
is it legal to sit someone chrysler crossfire trunk
mayonaise on my hotdog reminds me of your face
pirate flag myspace layouts
sand dune sluts
snapper poontang
sarah jessica parker myspace layouts
febreeze jokes
soccer myspace layouts
porn dudes vs rednecks [YES! EVERY MONTH!]
meth sluts
hot gay ghat!
goddamn nail holes
huge kkk tits
fucking my coworkers
things to be selfish about
myspace layouts of famous people
comebacks for woman get me a sandwich
how much weight will i lose having my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks?
rubber bad supersize
philosophical myspace layouts
myspace profile hillary north
hot wired mexican bitch
east coast layouts for myspace
how much does an nfl cheerleader make
jerkass clothing
myspace layouts wine bottles
boston sucks myspace layouts
crunk juice myspace layouts
free mitsubishi eclipse myspace layouts
myspace layouts plane black with red writing
enamel paint and breathalyzer
naked snare drum
myspace real world season layouts
good comebacks and fast
hickory tits
when did they stop using fountain pens at school
religion sike
rule #1 site
geddy lee looks like a witch
adhd layout myspace
our heads may be small but they are full of memories as the sky may sometimes be full of swarming bees thousands and thousands of memories of smells of places of little things that happened to us and which come back unexpectedly to remind us who we are.
smoking methamphetamine myspace layouts
uncle pool
unicycle myspace layouts
free myspace layouts stripper pole
myspace depressing layouts
hefeweizen myspace layout
juicy myspace layouts
my husband and well endowed and jealous
myspace layouts trippy shit
free exercises using pool noodle
go to the website that has the game called waiter.
coworker hacked my website
pile of shirts
can cats eat chilli
rate my booger
porno myspace layouts
sneaked vs. snuck
myspace layouts dark beer
i m in love with a moron
freaking good comebacks
why does my lawn mower bag fall off
carl kassel saliva
bag of poontang

  1. trying to find the recipe for the nigerian fiery meat sticks yesterday put your site as the #1 and #2 return. Nice work. Too bad you didn’t post the goddamn recipe. So what is it?

  2. Brilliant. What’s with all the MySpace layout searches? Are you the mastermind behind all the Icy-Hot MySpaze layoutz?

    Man, there are so many rad band names in there:

    bag of poontang
    i’m in love with a moron
    sneaked vs. snuck
    freaking good comebacks
    religion sike
    hickory tits
    geddy lee looks like a witch
    songebob butt
    mayonaise on my hotdog reminds me of your face
    sand dune sluts
    snapper poontang
    meth sluts
    hot gay ghat!
    goddamn nail holes
    things to be selfish about

  3. Hickory Tits is the best band name of those, while Things To Be Selfish About is the best album name. (Possibly a new release from Hickory Tits…?)

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